All year round

Throughout the year we supply Firewood- whether you just want a few small bags or the larger tonne bags, we can help. We offer free local delivery for the larger bags.

The wood is air dried as we believe that is better for the environment than kiln dried and we can supply both soft and hard wood. Which is right for you will depend what you are burning the wood in and how quickly you want it to burn. As a general rule, softwood is easier to light but burns more quickly so you will use more. Some of our customers swear by one or the other and others tell us they can't really tell much difference!

Outside the Christmas season, please feel free to come and get some of the smaller bags of wood or kindling whenever the gate in open as that usually means we are on site. If you are coming a distance or don't pass us, please feel to give us a call first to check we are around.

Larger bags can be ordered in person,over the phone or via our facebook page and we will deliver to your home. Please be aware there needs to be somewhere to put the delivery (that doesn't block your car in the drive!) and that we empty the bag on delivery. Free delivery is only available locally.

We can take payment over the phone by credit card or can take cash on delivery. We also ask that you are at home the first time we deliver- to make sure we have the right house and the right spot!

Please give us a call or email us to get the most up to date prices and to confirm we deliver to your area. If you email, please let us know whether you want hardwood or softwood.